OSU Extension congratulates Ohio State Fair winners


The Ohio State University Extension office of Champaign County would like to offer our congratulations to the following youths who represented the county as they competed and placed in their respective classes at the Ohio State Fair. These 4-H members have not only excelled at the county level, but have also excelled at the state level as they competed with the other elite participants from counties across the state.

Outstanding indicates that the participant placed in the top 40 percent of the class. The Clock Trophy signifies the highest award in the state for that particular project.

Anway, Rylea-Skillathon Goat (age 10)-2nd Place; Arnett, Ashton-Active Sportswear-Clock Trophy; Ayars, Audrey-From Airdales to Zebras-Outstanding; Ayars, Taylor-Explore the Outdoors-Outstanding; Bair, Samantha-Loungewear-Outstanding; Barr, Liz-Horse Western Showmanship (age 18)-4th Place; Bender, Madison-Horse Senior Hunter Hack-3rd Place; Bender, Olivia-Horse Western Showmanship (age 12)-5th Place; Bender, Olivia-Horse Hunter Showmanship (age 12)-8th Place; Bernow, Kayleigh-Horse Hunter Under Saddle (age 15)-8th Place; Bernow, Kayleigh-Horse Western Pleasure (age 15)-6th Place; Bernow, Kayleigh-Horse Western Horsemanship (age 15)-6th Place; Bingham, Sydney-Dog Agility-STD2 Silver; Bingham, Sydney-Dog Agility-Jump2-Bronze; Bingham, Sydney-Dog Agility-MSD2-Gold; Boyd, Kyle-Llama Project Books (ages 8-11)-3rd Place; Brown, Rylie-Sports Nutrition 2: Get Set!-Outstanding; Brown, Tyson-Horse Hunter Under Saddle (ages 9-12)-8th Place; Burgel, Kylie-Skillathon Goat (age 11)-3rd Place; Bush, Katie-Swine Yorkshire Barrow 50th Class-2nd Place; Dailey, Ashley-Horse Senior Barrels-1st Place; DeLong, Hanna-Showmanship Market Lamb (age 11)-3rd Place; Detwiler, Alexis-Showmanship Breeding Goat (ages 9-11)-2nd Place; Detwiler, Alexis-Boer Goats Doe Kid 3-6 months-2nd Place; Eades, Morgan-Dairy Ayrshire Fall Calf-2nd Place; Eades, Morgan-Dairy Ayrshire Aged Cow-1st Place; Eades, Morgan-Dairy Brown Swiss Summer Yearling-2nd Place; Eckstein, Lauren-Staying Healthy Senior- Clock Trophy; Evans, Rachel-Cake Decorating Intermediate Senior-Outstanding; Filipovic, Hayley-Horse Ranch Pleasure (age 15)-3rd Place; Flora, Allison-Horse Western Showmanship (age 18)-1st Place; Flora, Allison-Horse Western Showmanship Grand Championship-8th Place; Flora, Allison-Horse Hunter Showmanship (age 18)-10th Place; Forrest, Grace-Skillathon Swine (age 11)-2nd Place; Goddard, Eric-Pet Rabbit (ages 11-13)-Outstanding; Hagie, Trevor-Llama Non-Breeder Grand Champion; Hagie, Trevor-Llama Working & Fleece Non-Breeder 2 Year Old-1st Place; Hagie, Trevor -Llama Public Relations (ages 16-18)-2nd Place; Harrison, Kaylee-Makeover My Space Senior-Outstanding; Haynes, Kaitlynn-Tops for Tweens-Outstanding; Hess, Sara-Lamb Tunis Fall Ram-3rd Place; Hill, Lydia-Snack Attack!-Outstanding; Hissong, Kathryn-Showmanship Breeding Goat (ages 9-11)-3rd Place; Hissong, Kathryn-Boer Goats Yearling Doe 16-20 months-3rd Place; Hoewischer, Sam-Dairy Jersey Senior Two Year Old-2nd Place; Hollar, Megan-Lamb Tunis Ewe-1st Place; Hollar, Megan-Lamb Tunis Flock-2nd Place; Hollar, Megan-Showmanship Breeding Sheep (age 9)-3rd Place; Hollingsworth, Lane-Market Wether Goats, Light Weight 2nd Class-1st Place; Hollingsworth, Eli-Market Wether Goats, Medium Weight 11th Class-3rd Place; Hollingsworth, Lane-Market Wether Goats, Heavy Weight 15th Class-2nd Place; Hollingsworth, Lane-Market Wether Goats, Heavy Weight 18th Class-2nd Place; Hollingsworth, Eli-Outstanding Market Exhibitor Goat-4th Place; Hollingsworth, Eli-Showmanship Market Goat Wether (age 10)-2nd Place; Hollingsworth, Lane-Showmanship Market Goat Wether (age 13)-1st Place; Jenkins, Victoria-Horse Senior Hunter Hack-9th Place; Jenkins, Victoria-Horse Regular Hunter Over Fences-5th Place; Jenkins, Victoria-Horse Hunt Seat Equitation (age 17)-1st Place; Jenkins, Victoria-Horse Hunter Equitation Grand Champion; Johnson, Addy-Horse Western Showmanship (age 13)-8th Place; Johnson, Addy-Horse Hunt Seat Equitation (age 13)-1st Place; Johnson, Addy-Horse Hunter Showmanship (age 13)-9th Place; Johnson, Riley-Makeover My Space Junior-Outstanding; King, Hayden-Dairy Holstein YRP Intermediate Champion; King, Hayden-Dairy Holstein Spring Heifer-1st Place; King, Kayla-Dairy Holstein Aged Cow-2nd Place; King, Kayla-Dairy Holstein Winter Yearling Heifer-2nd Place; Lenhart, LauraLee-Swine Hampshire Gilt YRP Reserve Grand Champion; LeVan, Hadley-Beef Shorthorn Early Spring Yearling-3rd Place; LeVan, Hadley-Beef Shorthorn Plus Junior Yearling-2nd Place; Lusk, Gabriel-Llama Performance Reserve Champion; Lusk, Gabriel-Llama Trail Pack (ages 8-11)-3rd Place; Lusk, Gabriel-Llama Free Style Obstacle Course (ages 8-11)- 1st Place; Mascioni, Danielle-You & Your Dog Interviews (ages 11-13)-Outstanding; Mason, Ashley-Cat 2 (ages 8-12)-Outstanding; McGuire, Avery-Market Beef Crossbred Steers 17th Class-3rd Place; McGuire, Oliver-Market Beef Crossbred Steers Reserve Champion; Metz, Kayleigh-Outstanding Market Exhibitor Goat-4th Place; Metz, Kayleigh-Showmanship Market Goat Wether (age 15)-3rd Place; Metz, Kayleigh-Showmanship Breeding Goat (ages 15-17)-1st Place; Metz, Kayleigh-Skillathon Goat (age 15)-1st Place; Metz, Kayleigh-Goat Market Wether Heavy Weight Class 13-3rd Place; Metz, Kyndall-Showmanship Breeding Goat (ages 15-17)-1st Place; Metz, Kyndall-Boer Goats Reserve Yearling Champion; Mitchell, Darcy-Horse Senior Western Easy Gaited Equitation-6th Place; Mitchell, Darcy-Horse Senior Western Easy Gaited Pleasure-9th Place; Murray, Jessica-Fast Break for Breakfast-Outstanding; Murray, Jessica-Sundresses and Jumpers-Outstanding; Payer, Garrett– Lamb Tunis Yearling Ewe- 2nd Place; Payer, Sydnee-Trapping Muskrats in Ohio-Clock Trophy; Peters, David-My Favorite Things Junior-Outstanding; Pond, Cole-Skillathon Dairy (age 12)-3rd Place; Quesenberry, Lilly-Swine Hereford Gilt 2nd Class-2nd Place; Quesenberry, Lilly-Swine Hereford Gilt 4th Class-3rd Place; Richards, Matthew-Dairy Jersey Senior Three Year Old-2nd Place; Richards, Matthew-Dairy Jersey Aged Cow-YRP Reserve Grand Champion; Richards, Matthew-Dairy Jersey Spring Calf-3rd Place; Richards, Matthew-Dairy Jersey Fall Calf-2nd Place; Rodgers, Daytayviah-Get Started in Art Junior-Outstanding; Setty, Alison-Nailing It Together Senior-Outstanding; Snyder, Brittni-Horse Western Showmanship (age 17)-8th Place; Spillman, Tristan-Swine Duroc Barrow 15th Class-2nd Place; Spina, Ariana-On the Cutting Edge-Outstanding; Spina, Dominic-Measuring Up Junior-Outstanding; Starkey, Kadey-Dairy Jersey Winter Yearling-3rd Place; Stouffer, Brayden-Rockets Away (Solid Fuel Rockets)-Outstanding; Tiefenthaler, Cameron-Canning and Freezing-Outstanding; Tiefenthaler, Cameron-Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals- Clock Trophy; Tiefenthaler, Grant-The Laundry Project-Clock Trophy; Tiefenthaler, Grant-Money Fundamentals-Clock Trophy; Traylor, Mia-Sew Fun-Outstanding; Violet, Tyler-Showmanship Market Goat Wether (age 18)-3rd Place; Waldron, Jessica-Outstanding Market Exhibitor Goat-4th Place; Waldron, Jessica-Showmanship Market Goat Wether (age 16)-1st Place; Wallace, Jennifer-Horse Hunter Under Saddle (ages 9-12)-4th Place; Wallace, Jennifer-Horse Hunt Seat Equitation (age 12)-8th Place; Wallen, Matthew-Outstanding Market Exhibitor Lamb-4th Place; Wallen, Matthew-Showmanship Market Lamb (age 17)-2nd Place; Wallen, Matthew-Skillathon Sheep (age 17)-1st Place; Wallen, Matthew-Market Lamb Shropshire Purebred-3rd Place; Wallen, Matthew-Market Lamb Dorset Purebred-3rd Place; Wallen, Matthew-Market Lamb Grade 29th Class-2nd Place; Watson, Colby-Market Beef Crossbred-4th Overall Market Animal; Watson, Colby-Outstanding Market Exhibitor Beef-4th Place; Watson, Colby-Showmanship Market Beef (age 15)-2nd Place; Watson, Colby-Skillathon Beef (age 15)-3rd Place; Watters, Kasilyn-Horse Senior Stakes Race-2nd Place; Westfall, Matthew-Showmanship Breeding Goat (ages 9-11)-1st Place; Westfall, Matthew-Boer Goats Doe Kid 6-9 months-3rd Place; Westfall, Matthew-Boer Goats Aged Doe-1st Place; Westfall, Matthew-Boer Goats YRP Grand Champion; Westfall, Matthew-Boer Goats YRP Reserve Grand Champion

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Submitted by the Champaign County Ohio State University Extension office.

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