Crafts and Hobbies


Unless otherwise indicated, the results are listed as first, second, third and second.

Gift Wrapping

Bridal: Stacy Millice

Birthday: Nanette Butcher, Michele Slone

Fathers Day: Michele Slone, Stacy Millice

Mothers Day: Michele Slone, Betty Jo Smith, Breanna Stayrook

Holiday: Stacy Millice, Betty Jo Smith, Mallory Roberts

Wedding: Jenna Carter, Stacy Millice, Becky Hardman

Best of Show: Jenna Carter


One Cover: Susan Crowder, Anita Evilsizor

Sports Page: Anita Evilsizor, Connie Moore, Carol Zerkle

Baby Page: Susan Crowder, Anita Evilsizor, Heather Hardman

Wedding Page: Connie Moore, Anita Evilsizor

Vacation Page: Susan Crowder, Connie Moore, Carol Zerkle

Birthday Page: Susan Crowder, Anita Evilsizor, Kendra McClung

Anniversary Page: Kendra McClung, Anita Eviliszor

Fair Page: Susan Crowder, Kendra McClung, Carol Zerkle

4-H Page: Kendra McClung, Carol Zerkle

Best of Show: Susan Crowder

Create Your Own Card

Happy Birthday: Julia Gibson, Anita Evilsizor, Kendra McClung

Best Friend: Anita Evilsizor, Deirdre Bennett, Kendra McClung

Get Well: Deirdre Bennett, Julia Gibson, Kendra McClung

Thank You: Anita Evilsizor, Julia Gibson, Deirdre Bennett

Congratulations: Kendra McClung, Julia Gibson, Deirdre Bennett

Happy Anniversary: Kendra McClung, Deirdre Bennett, Anita Evilsizor

Happy Mothers Day: Anita Evilsizor, Julia Gibson, Deirdre Bennett

Happy Fathers Day: Kendra McClung, Julia Gibson, Anita Evilsizor

Gift Tags: Deirdre Bennett, Anita Evilsizor, Julia Gibson

Best of Show: Anita Evilsizor

Other Crafts/Hobbies

Decorative Painting under 12 inches: Lisa McNeely, Ellie Mayberry, Rebeca Wilson

Decorative Painting under 18 inches: Rebeca Wilson, Lisa McNeely, Jeanette Cook

Handmade Jewelry: Jerry Imel, Amy Domer, Patricia Wickham

Scene Layouts: Jacob Minnich, Ellie Mayberry, Dawn Finch

Tole Painting, Wood under 16 inches: Carol Zerkle, Ellie Mayberry

Tole Painting, Wood under 24 inches: Virgil Gerber

Tole Painting, Wood under 24 inches: Ellie Mayberry, second, Arleigh Rush, third

Tole Painting, Slate under 12 inches: Carol Zerkle, Ellie Mayberry

Wood Folk Art: Darrell Goodson, Ellie Mayberry

Wood Item, Carved: Darrell Goodson, Jerry Imel

Wood Item, Small: Patricia Wickham, Russell Yocom, Jerry Imel

Wood Item, Large: Robert Dean, Melvin Hart

Wood Furniture: Linda Beattie, Jane Stimmel

String Art: Linda Scott, Michael White

Best of Show: Darrell Goodson

Flowers, Unique: Carla Stephan, Jane Stimmel, Jeanne Bahan

Flowers, Spring: Jane Stimmel, Jeanne Bahan

Flowers, Summer: Jane Stimmel, Jeanne Bahan

Flowers, Fall: Jane Stimmel, Jeanne Bahan

Flowers, Winter: Jane Stimmel

Best of Show: Jane Stimmel

Children’s Classes (7 and under)

String Art: Kenzie Underwood

Jewelry: Ella Turner, Lilah Turner, Claire Lensman

Gift Wrap: David Stayrook, Jonathan Stayrook, Miley Schafer

Dough Art: George Slone, Kenzie Underwood

Holiday Theme Craft: Courtney Haynes, Ella Turner, Drake Lensman

Non-Holiday Theme Craft: Courtney Haynes, Drake Lensman, Ella Turner

Best of Show: David Stayrook

Children’s Classes (8 thru 12)

Jewelry: Hannah Stayrook

Gift Wrap: Michael Stayrook, Ava Johnson, Ashlyn Millice

Hand Made Stepping/Garden Stone: Emma Orahood, Alexis Stayrook

Children’s Class, Scrapbooking

Baby Page: Claire Lensman

Best Friend Page: Dori Wilson

Sport Page: Claire Lensman, Hannah Dingledine, Drake Lensman

Teacher Page: Hannah Dingledine, Dena Wilsonj

Family Page: Ellie Johnson, Hannah Dingledine

4-H Page: Hannah Dingledine, Claire Lensman

Best of Show: Hannah Dingledine

Senior Citizens

Crafts and Hobbies: Betty Jo Smith, Paula Blumhorst, Patricia Hart


Best of Show Overall: Darrell Goodson

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