Needlework Show


Listed in order of finish, 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Adult Clothing

Coat, Jacket or Cape: Melinda Dooley, Pam Moore

Children’s Clothing (up to age 14)

Coat, Jacket or Cape: Nancy Meyer

Dress: Barb Sell, Nancy Meyer

Play Suit: Nancy Meyer, Barb Sell, Melissa Evilsizor

Sleepwear: Melissa Evilsizor, Pam Moore

Two-Piece Outfit: Nancy Meyer, Barb Sell

Miscellaneous Sewing

Patchwork item: Marilyn Hiltibran, Brenda Rutan, Virginia A. Stanley

Accessories: Nancy House, Deb Bossetti, JoLynne Navarre

Preprinted panels (any item): Loretta Vernon, Ann Smith, Barbara Herron

Costume: JoLynne Navarre, Barb Sell

Best in Division Sewing 5-15: Nancy Meyer

Crochet & Knitting

Afghans: Nikki Sarver, Ann Snapp, Kim Williams

Baby Afghan: Sherry Hurst, Ann Snapp, Sarah Carter

Adult Sweaters: Ann Snapp

Child Sweater: Ann Snapp

Baby Garment: Sarah Carter, Amanda Plummer, Dawn Finch

Wraps, Shawls, Scarves, etc.: Sarah Carter, Virginia A. Stanley, Ann Snapp

Pairs: Deb Bossetti, Holly Boggess, Lydia Morris

Lace: Sheila Kite, Ann Snapp, Deb Bossetti

Felted item: Deb Bossetti, Shari Stout

Crochet or Knit original design: Deb Bossetti, Lydia Morris, Karen Woodruff

Any other knitted or crocheted: Corrine Dean, Stephanie Rogan, Sarah Carter

Best in Division 20: Ann Snapp

Cross Stitch

Unframed item: Janet Middleton, Sherry Hurst, Janie Sowers

Special Occasion: Mary Kate Brugger, Shirley Scott

Sampler: Janie Sowers, Shirley Scott

Country – Flok Art – Amish: Janie Sowers, Shirley Scott

Holiday item: Janie Sowers, Shirley Scott

Framed item (14 count & lower): Amy Marsh, Janie Sowers, Luella Kennedy

Framed item (16 count & higher): Mallory Roberts, Margaret Snyder

Best in Division 25: Janie Sowers

Embroidery Item

Hand Embroidered item: Nancy Meyer, Sherry Hurst

Machine Embroidered: Donna Weaver, Judy Hixon, Pam Moore

Needlepoint/Plastic Canvas

Christmas item: Sandra Justice, Luella Kennedy, Nancy House

Holiday other than Christmas: Sandra Justice, Nancy House

Two or more matching items: Nancy House, Sandra Justice

Ornaments, Magnets or Bookmark: Mallory Roberts, Sandra Justice

Any item not specified above: Sandra Justice, Nancy House

Best in Division 30-35: Donna Weaver


Stuffed Animals: Margaret Snyder, Nancy House

Any other toys: Sandra Justice


Any needlework not specified: Barb Sell, Shari Stout, Nancy House

Original Design: Deb Bossetti, Shirley Scott, Megan Barthauer

Appliqued item: Marilyn Hiltibran, Barbara Herron, Ann Smith

Design adapted from a published…: Barb Sell, Sandra Justice, Deb Bossetti

Hand woven item: Deb Bossetti

Teddy Bears (any technique): Brenda Rutan, Luella Kennedy, Janie Sowers

Best in Division 40-45: Margaret Snyder

Junior Handwork

Sewing: Lauran Barthauer, Rachel White

Quilted item: Cameron Tiefenthaler

Best in Division 50: Cameron Tiefenthaler

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