Local sanctuary attains Humane Society status


His Hands Extended Sanctuary, in St. Paris, has applied for and been granted, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code, Humane Society status. It will now be known as His Hands Extended Sanctuary, A Humane Society and ASPCA in Champaign County. The Sanctuary was granted 501C3 status in 2009 and houses dogs and cats; spaying, neutering, and bringing them up to strict health standards before placing them in loving homes. Because it is a Sanctuary there is no time limit on how long an animal can stay in our care. If they are not adoptable for health, temperament, of physical challenges they live here at the Sanctuary for life. The dogs run in large chain link fenced yards and have heated and air-conditioned kennels for the night. The cats roam in acres of fields with trees, ponds, bushes, surrounded by specially built cat fence and they have access to 4 indoor catteries.

The Sanctuary also runs a low cost spay and neuter clinic with a licensed vet, two techs, and small office staff. We offer low-cost, high-quality procedures 3 days a week with 2 clinical days to help pet owners afford health care. Many procedures other than spay and neuter are offered at reduced rates including dentals. The Sanctuary works with many rescue groups, TNR groups, and other Humane Societies to help them reach their spay/neuter goals. The Sanctuary sponsors, along with Calico TNR, 2 free spay and neuter days for cats twice a year with the next one scheduled for feral and loosely owned cats on Oct, 17. The first spay day, this year, on May 31, 2015 altered 35 cats at no charge thus helping to reduce the cat and kitten overpopulation problem in ours and surrounding counties.

With the granting of Humane Society status, many plans for the future are being made. The Sanctuary sits on 32 acres which allows us to expand and grow as finances permit. We invite ours and surrounding communities to help us grow so we are able to do more and positively affect more animal lives, and put this new status to the best possible use.

We will continue to have no borders and will help anyone with their search for affordable health care for their pets. We are hoping soon to be able hire and train a certified Humane Agent to field the numerous abuse, neglect, and abandonment calls we receive each day and now have no authority to effect a change in these sad situations. This person will be able to step in and help our community authorities with problems that they must now deal with on their own.

By Tanya Jordan

Executive Director

His Hands Extended Sanctuary

Submitted by His Hands Extended Sanctuary.

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