Injuries doomed Cavs in NBA finals


It seemed like this was finally the year the city of Cleveland would be able to celebrate a world championship in a major sport.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by the incomparable LeBron James, appeared to be on the brink of claiming a title when they led the Golden State Warriors, two games to one, in the NBA Finals.

Alas, James’ heroics weren’t quite enough as the Warriors rallied to win the series – four games to two – Tuesday night in Cleveland.

The Cavs, in fact, lost two games at home in the series, which makes the lost title even more frustrating.

Injuries late in the season probably ended up dooming the Cavs.

Cleveland lost standouts Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love for the majority of the playoffs, which makes the team’s run to the brink of a title even more impressive.

If you’re keeping score at home, Cleveland has not claimed a major sports world title since the Browns beat the Baltimore Colts in the NFL championship game in 1964.


A bizarre story hit the wire this week when it was reported that the St. Louis Cardinals may have illegally hacked the computer system of the Houston Astros to get information about prospective players.

Why in the world would one of MLB’s best franchises – the Cardinals – even be interested in player information compiled by one of the worst – the Astros?

It will be interesting to see how this story plays out.


Trivia Time – The New York Yanks of the NFL originally drafted tight end Jim Mutscheller in the 12th round of the 1952 draft.

This week’s question – The New York Yanks of the NFL moved to become which team in 1952?

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