Mayhem arrives at Shady Bowl on Saturday

Submitted story

DeGRAFF – Everyone has seen the commercials starring “Mayhem” as a representative of an outlandish insurance company.

Mayhem will be at Shady Bowl Speedway Saturday night when it hosts the 2nd Annual Clunker Classic. The first Clunker Classic last season was a huge success. This year’s event has over 60 entries signed in now. If the race draws 120 cars, the winner’s share will be $5,000. Gary Williams, who won last year’s event, used a go slow and save gas and tires to reach the checkered.

There will also be support races on the schedule like a “Trailer Race of Destruction.” The race consists of a car pulling a trailer on the oval. The goal is to crash the other cars. Once a car loses its trailer, it is eliminated.

The “Chain Race” has two cars chained together. The car being towed has brakes, the lead car does not.

The “Skid Plate Race” will have the rear tires removed and a metal boot welded on.

The final feature will be the “Flag Pole Race.” The layout of Shady Bowl makes an actual flag pole race impossible. Officials will put an implement tire to serve as a flag pole. Drivers will come full speed and dive into the infield, go around the tire and back on the track.

The Valve Cover race is for the younger fans. They paint up a valve cover and wheels and race on a special track.

Fans need to make a note that this race will be held rain or shine. The Mayhem will begin at 5 p.m.

Submitted story