Urbana mayor reacts to levy vote

By Bill Bean - Mayor - City of Urbana

Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to vote in the May 7 election. While disappointed that the levy failed, I respect everyone’s position on the issue. I fully understand the challenge of committing to additional taxes, especially when families are currently trying their best to make ends meet. Like each of you, the city struggles with that every day as we focus on our mission to: “… provide superior cost-effective services that meet the needs of the community…seeking to finds ways to enhance the quality of life by providing a safe, secure environment for all citizens of the city.”

We will continue to work diligently within the current budget seeking out grants, special incentives and government opportunities to help fill financial voids. When opportunities arise to improve our community, we will maintain our process of due diligence as we evaluate each opportunity prudently and work closely with City Council to invest wisely for our future.

You are fortunate to have a dedicated, talented and determined workforce focused on serving the needs of the community; and despite the nay-sayers, we remain determined and optimistic that you will recognize the improvements being made with your local, state and federal tax dollars. We will continue to assess, gauge and appropriately plan for projects that will promote the future viability of our city.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and remain determined to weigh the needs of the larger community over those who are interested in their own agendas. It is truly an honor to be your mayor.


By Bill Bean


City of Urbana