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By Carol Marak - Aging Matters

A reader of the newsletter suggested additional tips about aging successfully. She suggested, “Why not research and look to those living amongst people of all ages? Why not talk to the 7th Day Adventists that are a blue zones of long healthy living? Check out their strategy in Loma Linda, CA; they have great insight in living a long productive and healthy life well into their 90s and 100s. It includes healthy mental capacity also.”

I followed her advice and visited the Blue Zones website. The site offers inspiration from the world’s longest-lived cultures. The philosophy has inspired thousands of individuals to live healthier. And their premise, “Americans spend 90% of our lives within 20 miles of home. That is the essence and focus of the Blue Zone Project. They improve street and park designs, public policy, and social involvement so that it’s easy for people to make healthy choices.

The Blue Zone project initially launched in the Loma Linda, California area. Everyone living here reaps the benefits of living in a place where well-being is a way of life and a great place to live, work, learn and play.

They improve health by making permanent and semi-permanent changes on multiple levels. We improve city streets with no smoking policies, bike lanes, sidewalks, public spaces, and walking paths. They get buy-in from schools, local businesses, grocery stores, employers, faith-based organizations, and community involvement.

The residents change diet, become physically active, build friendships, create daily interactions with neighbors, children, family, and live a faith-based life.

If you go to the website, be sure to check out three tools. 1. Take the 3-minute True Vitality Test to find out your life expectancy and to get customized recommendations on how to live longer. 2. Learn how to improve your health and happiness by optimizing your home, kitchen, bedroom, and social circles. 3. Take the free test to see where you are on the happiness scale and get personalized recommendations to improve your well-being.

While there, check out the recipes, articles and expert advice, and groundbreaking books. Blue Zones suggests not smoking, eating a healthy diet, regularly exercising, keeping a healthy body weight and a moderate alcohol consumption.

Older adults living in Loma Linda are known to live well into their nineties.

By Carol Marak

Aging Matters

Carol Marak, aging advocate, She’s earned a Certificate in the Fundamentals of Gerontology from UC Davis, Schoolof Gerontology.

Carol Marak, aging advocate, She’s earned a Certificate in the Fundamentals of Gerontology from UC Davis, Schoolof Gerontology.