Nonviolent Communication Class offered at UU

Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Fund offers a free class

By Bev Titus - Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Fund

As we continue our vision of creating a culture of peace, the Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Fund will offer a free six-week Nonviolent Communication Class Oct. 16-Nov. 27. The class is open and free to community members, upper level high school students, Urbana University Students, faculty and staff.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is an approach to living that has roots in Gandhi’s teachings on nonviolence. It refers not only to physical violence, but also to any other way we “attack” others or ourselves, such as through judgment, criticism and blaming. This 6-week class will provide participants the tools they need to communicate compassionately and practice the dialogue needed to overcome our differences and find common ground. The content of these six classes builds upon each other and allows the necessary time to practice communicating peacefully.

Many of us strive to treat others and ourselves with consideration and respect. However, we sometimes find it challenging to live these values in our daily lives. NVC gives us practical tools for embodying these values in any situation.

Diane Diller, an NVC trainer certified by the Global Center for Nonviolent Communication, will share how this practice helps us:

-Have conversations rather than arguments

-Speak honestly in a way others are more willing to listen

-Come together instead of pull apart, by understanding each other better

-Find win-win solutions

-Strengthen already-satisfying relationships

Please join us Monday evenings from 7-8:30 p.m., October 16-November 27 for this free 6-week “Nonviolent Communication Class.” The class will be held in the Moore Conference Room, downstairs in the Urbana University Student Center. To register please contact, 937-824-0421, or Tammy Leiker at (937) 772-9246, before Oct. 16.

Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Fund offers a free class

By Bev Titus

Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Fund