Commissioners seek to improve internet service

By Anna Gaertner - [email protected]

The Champaign County Commissioners are exploring grant opportunities available through the Ohio Department of Development to improve internet/broadband service for all of Champaign County.

Before the application process, a survey of residents’ internet speeds is needed to determine whether there is a strong need.

LUC (Logan-Union-Champaign) Regional Planning is facilitating a five-question survey through SurveyMonkey which can be found at listed under Champaign County info.

This survey will help the commissioners discover which areas in Champaign County have the most need. The commissioners want as many Champaign County residents as possible to take this survey before the application is submitted.

“The application period begins at the end of August so we need information pulled together before then to see if we qualify,” said Administrator Andrea Millice.

Call the Champaign County Commissioners at (937) 484-1611 with any inquiries.

By Anna Gaertner

[email protected]

Reach Anna at [email protected]

Reach Anna at [email protected]