Market Goat Production

Market Goat Production

Unless otherwise noted, names are listed first, second, third, etc.

Doe Kids – under 3 months: Cameron Moore, Maci Runkle

Doe Kids – 3 to under 6 months: Matthew Westfall, Kyndall Metz, Maci Runkle

Doe Kids – 6 to under 9 months: Matthew Westfall, Tyler Barthauer, Emma Violet

Junior Reserve Champion: Matthew Westfall

Junior Champion: Matthew Westfall

Does – 12 to under 16 months: Tyler Barthauer, Kyndall Metz, Ashlynn Ryder

Does – 16 to under 20 months: Emma Violet, Kyndall Metz, Kathryn Hissing

Does – 20 to under 24 months: Matthew Westfall, Kaitlyn Metz, Tyler Barthauer

Yearling Champion: Matthew Westfall

Yearling Reserve Champion: Tyler Barthauer

Does – 24 to under 36 months: Kathryn Hissing, Tyler Barthauer, Hanna Schwaderer

Does – 36 months and over: Matthew Westfall, Kyndall Metz, JJ Henry

Senior Reserve Champion: Kyndall Metz

Senior Champion: Matthew Westfall

Overall Reserve Champion: Matthew Westfall

Overall Champion: Matthew Westfall

Production Mother/Daughter Goats: Kyndall Metz, JJ Henry, Ashlynn Ryder

Production Mother/Wether Goat: Kaitlyn Metz, Kathryn Hissing, Maci Runkle