Designing Kids 4-H Club had its 6th meeting over zoom. They discussed what the members are doing in their books. They discussed on a donation to the fair’s cook off. They also discussed donating money to the 4-H camp.

Designing Kids held the 5th meeting over Zoom. Everyone has started their books. Everyone discussed having demonstrations ready for the meeting. They had a demonstration from a guest this week.

Designing Kids 4-H Club had the 4th meeting virtually over zoom. They discussed Rhada deliveries and that the club was paying for county dues. Everyone had started their books and projects. They also discussed having more virtual demonstrations for their next meeting

Designing Kids 4-H Club held the 3rd meeting virtually over zoom. They discussed that all Rhada orders were complete and delivered. The members also discussed that the club is paying for the county dues. Mrs.Gloria Bodey asked if everyone had started their projects. The club also discussed community service ideas to bring to the next meeting. The members also discussed having demonstrations for the next meeting.