Auditor’s Office scheduling only necessary appointments

Staff report

The Champaign County Auditor’s Office is open only for scheduled appointments, due to concerns about the coronavirus, according to county Auditor Karen Bailey.

“The Auditor’s Office will continue to operate and will provide services using as much technology as possible,” she said.

Bailey encouraged people to schedule appointments at the office only if necessary, advising activity should be postponed if possible or conducted via phone, email, fax or postal service.

If appointments are necessary, “good social distancing measures” should be taken, she said.

Documents such as deeds and affidavits that relate to real estate transactions can be handled through the mail.

Documents such as auto titles and deeds that need to be delivered to all offices can be placed in a drop box at the door in front of the Auditor’s Office. If a payment is required with documents/filings, checks or money orders can be attached. People are advised not to leave cash. Documents should be in sealed envelopes. On the envelope, write the name of the office to which the document should be delivered.

Bailey said this drop box will be checked several times each day and items distributed to the appropriate offices.

Payins from county departments that only involve checks are requested to be placed in the drop box. If cash is involved in the payin, an appointment should be made with the auditor.

The Auditor’s Office is located in the county Community Center, 1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana. For information, contact the office at 937-484-1600 or

Staff report

Information provided by county Auditor Karen Bailey.

Information provided by county Auditor Karen Bailey.