Voters to select village, twp. leaders

Staff report

Villagers will determine their future mayor and two council members, and township residents will select a fiscal officer and one trustee when they head to the polls on Nov. 5. Polls will open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m.

The following candidates were certified by the Champaign County Board of Elections. Names of write-in candidates will not appear on ballots.

– Village of St. Paris Mayor – Brenda Cook (incumbent), Gary Doeden

– Village of St. Paris Council Member – Randy L. Smith, Lynn Miller

– Village of Mechanicsburg Mayor – Gregory Kimball (incumbent), Benjamin E. Layne

– Village of Mechanicsburg Council Member – Charles Foss (incumbent), Lyndsey Murphy (incumbent)

– Village of North Lewisburg Mayor – Cheryl J. Hollingsworth (incumbent), Shawn Feeley

– Village of North Lewisburg Council Member – Gwen Beech (incumbent), John Collier

– Village of Christiansburg Mayor – Delbert Davis, Rebecca Davis

– Village of Christiansburg Council Member – Charles Roberts, Charles Fay (incumbent), Sheila Slone, Robert Erick Hess (write-in candidate), Tony Lee Mitchell (write-in candidate)

– Village of Mutual – no names provided

– Village of Woodstock Mayor – Jackie Hayes (incumbent/write-in candidate)

– Village of Woodstock Council Member – no names provided

Township candidates

– Concord Township Trustee – Pat Wagner (write-in candidate)

– Concord Township Fiscal Officer – Penelope Dunlavy (incumbent)

– Harrison Township Fiscal Officer – Pat Brehm (incumbent), Karen Guthrie

– Harrison Township Trustee – Terry Stapleton Jr. (incumbent)

– Johnson Township Fiscal Officer – Nicolette D. Sarver (incumbent)

– Johnson Township Trustee – Dennis Kauffman (incumbent), Lance Benavides

– Urbana Township Fiscal Officer – Sandi G. Perry

– Urbana Township Trustee – Paul Wright (incumbent)

– Wayne Township Fiscal Officer – Susan Helterbran (incumbent)

– Wayne Township Trustee – Max L. Perry (incumbent)

– Jackson Township Trustee – Herb Luttrell (incumbent)

– Jackson Township Fiscal Officer – Salli Lacy

– Adams Township Trustee – Kevin M. Pence (incumbent)

– Adams Township Fiscal Officer – Mary Jo Kies (incumbent)

– Union Township Trustee – John D. Crain, Ron Williams (incumbent), Terry Rittenhouse

– Union Township Fiscal Officer – Rhonda Wallace (incumbent)

– Salem Township Trustee – Levi Woodruff

– Salem Township Fiscal Officer – Jeanie Crabtree (incumbent)

– Goshen Township Trustee – Charles Steven Cooper (incumbent)

– Goshen Township Fiscal Officer – Chris Foss (incumbent)

– Rush Township Fiscal Officer – Kathy Packman (incumbent)

– Rush Township Trustee – Cinda K. Bailey (incumbent)

– Mad River Township Fiscal Officer – Richard Ford (incumbent)

– Mad River Township Trustee – Dale Goddard (incumbent)

Staff report