WL-S Seniors of the Month




West Liberty-Salem’s Seniors of the Month for May are Zach McCall and Hallie Strapp. Here are their comments.

Zach McCall

PARENTS: Stephen and Jenniffer McCall

School Activities and Awards: Track and Field, Soccer, Choir

If I were principal for a day: I would make it possible for semester classes to exempt their exams.

Favorite school memory: Playing Mtg at lunch (Magic the Gathering)

People who have been an inspiration to me include: My Choir teacher, Mr. Henry.

Because: Because of his inspiration for music and his great character.

Lately, I have been reading: Webtoons! It has so many different comics that are added on to at least once every week.

My advice to parents: Be hard on your kids, but not strict. Let them have their freedom but don’t let them stray on the wrong path.

My biggest regret: Well It’s only a regret if you view it as one, and by doing that you focus on the past, but why look at the past when you have a future.

Next year I will be: Broke and at Sinclair, studying, playing mtg or dnd, in class, or asleep.

Hallie Strapp

PARENTS: Ginger and Jonah Strapp

School Activities and Awards: Spanish club, link crew, key club, student council, class president, key club president, ipad committee, choir, NHS, basketball, softball, and volleyball.

If I were principal for a day: I would give the students a one hour block at least once a week, simply for relaxation and to let go of stress.

Favorite school memory: getting to be involved in the numerous service projects that were held in various locations, especially being able to start the clothing and book drive that donated over 15 trash bags of clothes and books to the Caring Kitchen in Urbana!

People who have been an inspiration to me include: My mom and dad (Ginger and Jonah Strapp)

Because: My parents work what seem to be endless hours a week to provide for our family. On top of working, they make time to spend with and support myself and my seven siblings. My parents are always there for me when I need it. They never fail to show how much they love me and how much they love each other. I cannot thank them enough!

Lately, I have been reading: Hamlet and Heart of Darkness for my Edison State english class. When I was first introduced to the readings, I wasn’t thrilled. After we started talking about underlying meanings and messages, I instantly fell in love.

My advice to parents: Care. Be there for your children. Be supportive of them in their decisions but don’t be afraid to correct wrong behavior. I am fortunate enough to have parents that care about me and lead me in the right direction. They made me who I am today.

My biggest regret: Not becoming closer with more of my classmates. Over the course of my senior year I’ve had to opportunity to spend time with those in my class and I’ve realized that there are some pretty great people all around me. Knowing that we’re all moving on to the next chapter of our lives, it’s a little unsettling knowing that I never got to truly become friends with many of my peers.

Next year I will be: attending the University of Findlay, studying Diagnostic Medical Sonography.



Submitted by the West Liberty-Salem school district.

Submitted by the West Liberty-Salem school district.