Quilt Show

Ribbon Award Placing for Quilt Show

Division A – C

A – Pieced Quilt: Casandra Beaver, Marva Beaver, Shelly Deardorff

A-Pieced Quilt 320” & up: Marva Beaver, Casandra Beaver, Karen Lapp

A-Pieced Quilt – less than 320: Cameron Tiefenthaler, Brenda Rutan, Connie Ark

A-Pieced Quilt 320” & up: Cameron Tiefenthaler, Brenda Rutan

A – Applique Quilt: Marilyn Hiltibran, Polly Hiltibran, Loretta Vernon

A-Group Quilt – 2 or more pers: Connie Ark, Cameron Tiefenthaler, Winnie Breslford

A – Any other technique: JoEllen Dayton, Donna Weaver

A – Jacob’s Ladder: Donna Weaver

Best of Division A: Marilyn Hilitbran

B – Lap or Crib Quilt: Polly Hiltibran, Thelma Loffing

B- Wall Hanging: Connie Ark, Cameron Tiefenthaler

B – Wall Hanging: Marilyn Hiltibran, Brenda Rutan

B-Lap, Crib or Wall Hanging: Loretta Vernon, Winnie Breslford

B – Specialty – Jacob’s Ladder: Brenda Rutan, Thelma Loffing

Best of Show Division B: Casandra Beaver

C – Patchwork Item for Home: Casandra Beaver, Brenda Rutan, Polly Hiltibran

C – Tiny & Doll Quilts: Casandra Beaver, Cameron Tiefenthaler, Deborah Bossetti

C – Quilted Christmas Item: Mary E Henson, Cameron Tiefenthaler, Brenda Rutan

Any Other Holiday Quilted Item: Cameron Tiefenthaler, Loretta Vernon, Brenda Rutan

C – Art Quilt: Cameron Tiefenthaler, Loretta Vernon, Brenda Rutan

C – 3 Dimensional Quilted Item: Casandra Beaver, Loretta Vernon, Connie Ark

Best of Show Division C: Cameron Tiefenthaler