DAR installs new officers

By Jeanne Evans - DAR Recording Secretary

The Urbana Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution met Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 11:30 a.m. at the Champaign County Historical Society for their annual Flag Day potluck.

The meeting was called to order by Regent Detwiler who welcomed 26 members, 7 guests, and 2 CAR members.

Regent Detwiler conducted the Opening Ritual. The group joined in The Pledge of Allegiance followed by the singing of the national anthem.

President General’s Report: Vice Regent Kim Snyder reported that President General Ann Turner Dillon will be welcoming DAR members to the 127th Continental Congress in Washington, DC, which will open June 18, 2018. Highlights of the week will be the opportunity to view the renovations of Constitution Hall Stage as well as the DAR Library. All members are encouraged to subscribe to the daily DAR blog.

National Defense Report: Margaret Denzer reported that the Queen Alliquippa Chapter, McKeesport, Pennsylvania is supporting 2 programs for area veterans. One project is Service Dogs for Veterans and a second is the Operation Troop Appreciation program, which assists veterans in getting their lives back on track.

Chaplain Rev. Carol Tong offered a grace and the meeting was temporarily suspended as the group enjoyed a delicious potluck lunch.

As the meeting resumed, Regent Pat Detwiler related the story of Flag Day in the USA. The idea of an annual day specifically celebrating the flag is believed to have first originated in 1885. However, it was not until August 2, 1949 that President Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14 of each year as National Flag Day.

As a special celebration of Flag Day, a group of Urbana Chapter DAR members sang a repertoire of WWI songs titled “The Story of Old Glory” and “JaDa.” The group was composed of Margaret Denzer, Kathy Detwiler, Pat Detwiler, Kathy Dixon, Theisa Dohner, Judi Henson, Becky Preston, Karen Preston, Becky Shultz and Barbara Ward. They were directed by Dr. Jan Ebert and accompanied on the keyboard by Joanna Woodburn.

Regent Detwiler welcomed special guest, Hannah Dingledine, as well as her mother, Amy, and sister, Courtney. Hannah was our 6th grade history essay winner for Champaign County. Her essay, based on the subject of World War I, the war to end all wars, went on to the Southwest District where she was first place winner. Next, it traveled to the state contest, where she was again victorious! The Chapter was honored to have Hannah present and to hear her read her essay! Congratulations, Hannah!

A Memorial Service to honor the life of former member, Marge Kelch, was conducted by Judi Henson and Lana Seeberg. Sadly, Marge’s death occurred December 28, 2017. The group was honored to have her granddaughter, Jessica Pardee, in attendance.

Vice Regent Kim Snyder involved those in attendance in a short program of participation in the “Citizenship Test.”

As Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Judi Henson offered the following slate of officers for 2018-2819 year: Kim Snyder, Regent (First Vice Regent and Second Vice Regent presently unfilled); Recording secretary, Jeanne Evans; Treasurer, Judy Brooks; Chaplain, Theisa Dohner; Registrar, Dona Tullis; Historian, Janet Ebert; and Librarian, Lana Seeberg. With no further nominations from the floor, it was moved by Kathy Detwiler and seconded by Lana Seeberg that nominations be closed. Motion carried. It was then moved by Margaret Denzer and seconded by Becky Shultz that this slate of officers be accepted. Motion carried.

The next order of business was the installation of these new officers. It was an honor for outgoing Regent Detwiler to personally present the Chapter Regent’s pin to incoming Regent Kim Snyder. This pin was donated to the Urbana Chapter by Alice Gaumer in 1933 and has been passed to each new Regent for 85 years. New officers then received beautiful long-stemmed red roses from the Chapter, presented by Margaret Denzer.

Pat Detwiler announced two very important meetings coming up in the near future. The first is Saturday, July 14 when the yearly CDRC meeting will be held at Sharonville United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Secondly, the Fall Fun Fair will be coming up on Saturday, August 25 at the Dublin Marriott. Registration forms are available for both of these events and members are encouraged to attend.

Retiring Regent Pat Detwiler reported on issues discussed at an executive board meeting held June 6, 2018. It was decided our Chapter would continue the tradition of sponsoring first and second place trophies for the Rabbit Division of the Champaign County Fair as well as donating a collection of gift items to the “King of the Ring” winners.

Finally, it is exciting that 4 Chapter members will be leaving June 18, 2018, for Continental Congress held in Washington, DC. Those attending are Pat Detwiler, Kim Snyder, Dona Tullis and Judi Henson.

Regent Kim Snyder: Newly installed Regent Snyder presented a tentative schedule of events for our Chapter for the 2018-2019 year. She asked that members let it be known if they would be willing to serve as committee chairs. Additionally, she requested that members sign up for their preference to serve as hostesses for regular meetings.

Secretary’s Report: The May minutes were approved as written.

Registrar’s Report: Dona Tullis reported a membership of 85 members and 6 prospective members. In addition, she made note of a name correction for Cassandra Wagner Richie who is in process of readmission to Chapter membership. The correct name is Cassandra Wagner Koster.

Historian’s Report: Dr. Janet Ebert reported that she had been able to update Urbana Chapter DAR records in both the “Dead Book” and “Living Book” from treasured membership records preserved at the Champaign County Historical Society Museum. She thanked Kim Snyder for her excellent presentation on gravestone cleaning June 9, 2018, at Oak Dale Cemetery. Dr. Ebert announced that she will be a guest speaker at Urbana University on September 12, 2018 in the Library. On another subject, she mentioned that the Ginkgo tree planted on the Champaign County Historical Society grounds in 1983 is in need of a marker.

CAR: Kim Snyder reported that the group continues to attract new members.

Conservation: Connie Flanly defined “conserving by preservation” and requested that members consider volunteering for support of our local Cedar Bog.

Constitution Week: The Chapter is in need of a replacement for chair position of this activity for the year 2019.

DAR Service for Veterans: Megan Snyder described her “pillow project’ for veterans and welcomed any donations of supplies.

Flag of the United States: Pat Detwiler will be replacing Dolly Wisma as chair.

Public Relations: Becky Shultz reported that she had received an estimate from Boldman Printing for the Chapter brochure she has created. The cost of 500 copies will be $150. It was moved by Kim Snyder and seconded by Judi Henson that this order be placed. Motion carried

Service to America: Judi Henson reported that we have 844 total hours for 2018 and encouraged members to report accurately their volunteer hours. She described in detail exactly what qualifies as “meaningful community service.”

Volunteer Information Specialist: Kim Snyder reported she is in process of updating our webpage.

As Pat Detwiler concluded her final meeting, she thanked all members for their enthusiasm and support during the past 2 years. The meeting was closed with a Flag Day Prayer from the DAR Missal prayer book.

Hostesses for the meeting were Becky Shultz, Diane Burroughs, Amy Marsh, Jan Forsbach and Barbara Ward.

The next meeting, an organizational planning meeting, will be held Monday, August 20, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.


By Jeanne Evans

DAR Recording Secretary