Fido’s Field Dog Park agility equipment ready for use

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The Champaign County Citizens for Canines (CCCC) recently completed a goal of adding dog agility equipment to Fido’s Field Dog Park in Melvin Miller Park. CCCC is a private, non-profit Board responsible for the creation and upkeep of Fido’s Field. Through private fundraisers and donations, CCCC works to provide an inviting and safe place for off-leash dogs and their owners to socialize and stay active. Without the support of local citizens and social organizations our mission could not be accomplished.

The installment of dog agility equipment adds a tool for dog owners to train and to build the bond between dog and owner. Also, it’s an opportunity to get both up and moving at the dog park. Dogs will require supervision on the equipment and will need to slowly work up to the most difficult of the equipment, which is the see saw. It is recommended that owners do research before attempting to use the equipment and to be patient as the dog learns how to maneuver on the agility areas.

Although the city of Urbana is extremely supportive of Fido’s Field, the money that supports the dog park comes from CCCC fundraising efforts like Fido’s Swimfest and the sale of Little Caesar’s pizza kits. Also, local clubs and organizations have been enormously generous in their support of the dog park.

CCCC is grateful to the community of Urbana for their support of Fido’s Field and for the shared love of dogs that is apparent in our community.

Submitted story