Woodstock in market for propane tank

By Joshua Keeran - jkeeran@civitasmedia.com

WOODSTOCK – Village Council on Monday agreed to move forward with plans to purchase a 1,000-gallon propane tank for use at the Woodstock Municipal Building.

Currently, the village leases the building’s 1,000-gallon propane tank from Heritage Cooperative. As part of the lease agreement, the village is required to purchase propane from Heritage.

Village Administrator Bradley Herron said by purchasing a tank, the village would save approximately 20 to 30 cents a gallon in propane by being able to deal with other suppliers.

“It would enable us to shop for the best price,” he said.

Herron informed council that two 1,000-gallon propane tanks are set to be sold at auction in Delaware County, and he would like to attend the auction in hopes of purchasing one of the tanks.

Following discussion, council authorized Herron to attend the auction and bid on one of the tanks.

“It will definitely pay for itself in a short period of time,” Herron said.

In other business:

•Council passed a resolution adopting the village’s tax budget for fiscal year 2017, which will be submitted to Champaign County Auditor Karen Bailey.

“It’s our best estimate of the revenue we will receive in the following fiscal year of 2017, and our best estimate of the expenses we will incur during the same time,” Fiscal Officer Tom Hallinan said. “This is basically the first step in the 2017 budgeting process.”

The tax budget estimates 2017 revenue in the General Fund to be $54,600, while expenses paid from the fund are projected to be $52,998.95.

•With the village’s electricity supply agreement with GDF Suez Energy set to expire at the end of the month, council agreed to remain with its current electric supplier for 12 additional months at a rate of 5.68 cents per kilowatt-hour. The village’s current rate is 6.53 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Herron noted this agreement doesn’t involve the village’s street lights, which is on separate plan.

•The village is in the process of abating nuisance properties in violation of Ohio Basic Code 93.40, which states properties must be kept clear of noxious weeds, rank vegetation and grass in excess of 12 inches high. Also, all properties within the municipality must be mowed at least twice a year – once between June 1 and July 1 and once between Aug. 1 and Sept. 1.

Herron reported six letters were sent to local property owners, and two took care of the matter without the village stepping in. As for the other four properties, two have been mowed by village maintenance worker Ron Moore, while the other two will be mowed soon, Herron said.

The costs associated with abating the properties, Herron said, will be assessed to the owner’s property taxes.

•Council was informed the village-owned swing set sitting unused at Woodstock Ball Park has yet to be anchored down as no specifications have been found. Herron said once he is able to record all the measurements, work can proceed on finding a location to dig holes and anchor the swing set with concrete.

•Del-Mar Tree Service is scheduled to remove a sugar maple tree at the ball park any day. Once the tree is taken down, the wood will be sold via a sealed bid process by the village. Wood from a dead ash tree recently cut down at the park by Del-Mar will also be sold, Herron said.

Council agreed last month to pay Del-Mar $4,000 for the removal of both trees at the ball park due to safety concerns.

By Joshua Keeran


Joshua Keeran may be reached at 937-652-1331 (ext. 1774) or on Twitter @UDCKeeran.

Joshua Keeran may be reached at 937-652-1331 (ext. 1774) or on Twitter @UDCKeeran.