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‘Playbook for Starting a Business’

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Starting or expanding a business requires hard work, attention to detail and numerous points of contact, to turn plans into reality.

The Champaign Economic Partnership (CEP) simplifies the process as the starting point for anyone wanting to establish or expand business in Champaign County. And the CEP recently added to its website, CEPOhio.com, a helpful guide – the CEP Business Playbook.

The Playbook outlines key elements involved in starting or growing a business and the appropriate agencies to call on for help. The Playbook covers details such as writing a business plan, registering a business, finding available property with the appropriate zoning, acquiring necessary licenses and permits, business loans, marketing, utilities, and finding and retaining employees.

“The Playbook is a good resource to review before contacting us at the CEP to discuss your plans and develop a strategy for achieving your goals,” Marcia Bailey, director of the CEP, said.

“As Champaign County’s designated economic development agency, the CEP serves as the place for business developers to start. We can connect you with all the resources needed to start or grow a business, through our partnerships with local governments, state and regional economic development agencies, real estate agencies, utilities, lenders, workforce development and others,” Bailey said.

The Business Playbook can be accessed from the “CEP Business Playbook” tab on the top navigation bar of the CEP website.

The Playbook was developed with the help of the Small Business Development Center in Springfield, which serves Champaign County, Wittenberg University business students and Hannah Tukesbrey Kilbride, CEP administrative assistant.

For information on starting or expanding a business in Champaign County, contact the CEP at (937) 653-7200 or info@cepohio.com.

‘Playbook for Starting a Business’

Submitted story

Information from Champaign Economic Partnership.

Information from Champaign Economic Partnership.


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