Heroin overdoses this week top 60 in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (AP) — Police in the Cincinnati area say a surge in heroin overdoses has topped 60 cases this week.

WLWT-TV reports there was a death Tuesday of a man found in a parked car. First responders have been able to revive other overdosers with naloxone opioid antidote, sometimes requiring multiple doses.

Police are trying to find the source of the drug being circulated, which they suspect has a mixture of heroin and another strong substance such as an animal tranquilizer.

The head of the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition says that its task force is working with Cincinnati police. Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan warns dealers they have “the full and undivided attention” of the task force that includes state and federal agencies.

Cincinnati Officer Ryan Lay calls the overdose wave “complete madness.”