Hundreds of taxis, buses park outside gov’t to protest Uber

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Some 200 taxis and buses have parked outside the government offices in Bucharest, demanding that Uber and other online taxi services be outlawed.

Transport in the already crowded capital was disrupted Wednesday morning as the protest, scheduled to last until later in the evening, got underway.

Drivers arrived early and parked their yellow taxis and blew vuvuzelas in protest. Some met Premier Sorin Grindeanu to present their demands.

The Confederation of Licensed Transport Operators says it wants “online technology platforms that provide unauthorized taxi services to be outlawed,” to protect licensed carriers.

Uber says it is a ride-sharing service with transparent costs and its drivers pay taxes. It says some 250,000 clients have used its services in the Romanian capital and other major cities in the past two years.