Virgin Trains challenges Corbyn’s train-too-full claims

LONDON (AP) — Virgin Trains has taken issue with British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn’s claim he was forced to sit on the floor on a recent journey.

A video posted online Tuesday shows Corbyn sitting on the floor, complaining of “ram-packed” carriages.

The Labour leader, who has called for public ownership of railways, said the lack of seats is “a problem that many passengers face every day.”

Virgin, though, released closed circuit television images showing Corbyn walking past empty seats during the Aug. 11 trip from London to Newcastle — though some of them had tags suggesting they were reserved.

The Transport Salaried Staff’s Association Union’s general-secretary Manuel Cortes accused Virgin of being disingenuous for releasing video “that does not show empty seats. It shows seats clearly marked as reserved and, therefore, unavailable.”