Rubio on Trump: First a con man, now better than Clinton

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A dangerous, erratic, con man with the worst spray tan ever. That’s how Sen. Marco Rubio described Donald Trump when they were both seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

Now that Trump is the nominee and Rubio is running for re-election, his tone is different. He’s no longer criticizing Trump, but he isn’t exactly gushing praise. Rubio’s endorsement of Trump has been lukewarm at best, and Democrats are trying to make him look like a hypocrite for now backing the man he previously said shouldn’t have access to nuclear weapon codes.

Still, Republicans say they’re not holding a grudge and will support him over the eventual Democratic nominee. U.S. Reps. Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy are hoping to challenge Rubio. The primary is Aug. 30.