Shady Bowl Speedway closes out 2020 season

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DeGRAFF – Shady Bowl Speedway held its final event of 2020 on Saturday with a huge crowd on hand. They came to watch the third running of the Clunker Classic. The grandstands were not the only part of the speedway packed, as the pit area had about 100 cars ready to do battle.

The races were a bit different from the weekly program as fans saw a flagpole race, skid plate race, chain races, a burn out contest, the trailer race of destruction, the first Crown Vic Series race and a 300-lap Enduro. Spring Valley driver Ryan Barrett and his brother Nick of Kettering took home the lion’s share of the winnings. Every event the brothers entered saw them either win or finish in the top three in their Barrett Technology sponsored cars.

Fans were treated to the first race of the Crown Vic Series. The Crown Vic cars will be part of the schedule in 2021. A total of eight cars were on hand for the 20-lap, $500 to win feature. Buck Purtee and Gavin Wilcoxson had a bone-jarring crash coming out of turn two. Both drivers were OK, but the cars left via a wrecker. Curtis Noble emerged the winner of the event in his Noble Armor Coating backed car.

Second spot went to Jimmy McElfresh with Tyler Brandyberry third. Nate Wilcoxin was fourth followed by Mick Zile.

The 300-lap Enduro saw 61 cars start in a three-wide format. The race had its usual crashes and spins as they fought to improve position. When the checkered flew, Ryan Barrett was enjoying his win which was worth over $3,000. Brother Nick was second, followed by Zach Beaty-Lakins, Bobby Terry and Jason Shaw.

The flagpole race was up next. The cars had to leave the pavement on the backchute, hit the grass, go around an implement tire (it served as a flagpole) and return to the pavement. It was another one/two finish again for the Barretts as Ryan took the checkered with Nick second and James Chatterton third.

The skid plate race was next. In a skid plate race the rear tires are removed and replaced by steel plates. The race was won in a sea of sparks by Kenny Snyder. Ryan Barrett was second with Nick Barrett third.

The chain race was a wild event. Two cars are chained together. The lead car has a throttle with no brakes. The car being towed has brakes only with no throttle. Tyler Mahaffey and Ryan Barrett teamed up to win the event. Nick Barrett and Chris Prater teamed up to finish second. Third place went to Kenny George and Scottie Marquis.

The trailer race put a wrap on the show. In the trailer race, cars and trucks are towing a trailer. The idea is to knock the trailer off its tow vehicle. If you lose your trailer, your race is over. Ben O’Reilly survived all attempts to dislodge his trailer but held on for the win. Nathan Kirby, Travis Irwin, Bradon Fleming and Roger Eaton rounded out the top five.

The 2020 season may have ended but promoter/owner Rick Young is already making plans for the 2021 season. The first project will be to repair some of the walls and move some of the fencing.

Submitted story