Why what England did is ‘The Shot Heard ‘Round The World’

By Nino Vitale - State Representative

This is absolutely one of the largest political movements by a body politic in my life time. Why? Because it’s a rare occurrence of people rejecting big government and voting for smaller, more local government. There are a few simple reasons and many more complex ones for Brits voting to succeed from the EU and that’s what it should be called. It’s not Brexit, its succession. Here are 5 big reasons this was good.

Immigration – the EU was forcing England to take foreigners or Aliens, as they would be called by our US Constitution, into their homeland and against much of the populations’ will. Did you know the EU forced 330,000 aliens into England? And those aliens were then using public resources (in the real world, we call that other people’s hard earned money) and leaving no social safety net for Brits who may need those services. So the folks in Brussels, where the large, bloated, overspending, EU government is headquartered, was telling the locals in various communities, YOU MUST TAKE THESE ALIENS, and YOU WILL PAY FOR THEM.

Monetary Policy – England was one of the solvent EU territories and others like Greece, Spain, and Italy are spending out of control and expecting others, in a faraway area, to ‘bail them out.’ I say why? If someone’s bad decisions are creating a bad situation, maybe it’s best to let them feel the consequences of these bad decisions so they have, not only the encouragement to fix it, but to not do it again and expect some sugar daddy to bail them out. Sounds a little like what’s happening in this country with Puerto Rico or states like West Virginia, and California who are bleeding money and we have atrocious debt spending to let them go on executing bad economic ideas. In West Virginia’s defense, there is an all-out war on coal by the US Government which is helping to destroy that state.

Regulations – England was forced to pick up regulations from the EU and again, a small elite group of bureaucrats in Brussels were telling, for example, fishermen in England how many Cod they can catch, what time of day they are allowed to fish and where and how many they can sell at any one time. This is one example of government thinking it knows best and controlling and telling free markets what they can or cannot do. I say rubbish.

Local Control and Subsidiarity – a fundamental tenant of little “r” republicanism is the best government is the most local. If you can solve issues and make decisions local, the people are better represented. What this vote did was reject big government, reject New World Order, reject one size fits all and restore some level of little “r” republicanism to the people of England.

Freedom and Compacts – If a territory belongs to a compact, say the EU, and that compact is not doing what the territory, England, likes or appreciates or maybe is even harming the territory, should the territory be allowed to leave? The answer should only ever be of course, YES!. If you say no, they cannot leave, then I wonder, is that freedom? If one cannot enter into a compact, and is never allowed to leave, that sounds like tyranny and oppression and a forced compact, not a coalition agreeing on certain principles in the beginning and if those principles are changed or corrupted over time, leave the compact. I would argue those territories not only have the right, but possibly the duty to protect their citizens and withdraw from the original compact which is no longer filling its obligations or causing harm. Of course, I would suggest working to fix the compact, but if that has become impossible, there may be no other option. It happened right her in North America, just a little over 200 years ago.

It’s was interesting how our own President Obama decided it was his arrogant right to butt his nose into the affairs of England and tell their citizens they should stay in the EU. Another Big Government, New World Order, I know what’s best and you don’t citizen, so obey me,… politician oppressing the people, and this time, in a country he’s not even in. It shows you the level that some are willing to go to force compliance and have complete distrust in people to decide what is best for themselves.

To me, this is indeed the Shot Heard ‘Round The World and very well could be a defining moment in human history. My hats are off the people deciding for themselves. I am one elected official who trusts people to make their decisions.


By Nino Vitale

State Representative

This narrative was printed as submitted by Nino Vitale (R-Urbana), who represents Champaign County in the statehouse.

This narrative was printed as submitted by Nino Vitale (R-Urbana), who represents Champaign County in the statehouse.