Group disputes AP story

On Thursday, December 23, the Urbana Daily Citizen carried an article by Julie Carr Smyth on DeWine’s “born alive” bill (pp. 1-2). This bill requires doctors to give medical care to babies born alive, and to report cases of born-alive babies after an abortion attempt. Of course, Planned Parenthood called it a restriction, and the article claims that babies who survive abortion “are extremely rare.” Julie Smyth unsurprisingly did not know about the Center for Medical Progress’s recent report on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s donation of nearly $500,000 to the University of Pittsburgh for the scalping of born-alive five-month-old babies. The Pittsburgh scientists published details of an experiment last year in which they cut from the heads and backs of babies “full-thickness human fetal skin,” removed the excess fat beneath the skin, and stitched the scalp onto rats. The aim was presumably to see whether human hair can be grafted onto persons going bald, and the scientists also took livers and kidneys from these babies “to extract a massive number of stem cells so that they could be experimentally transplanted into adults.” The scientist who invented this brutal experiment got nearly $3 million from the National Institutes of Health.

Many of these babies could have survived with emergency medical care, but obviously their mothers are not told that their infants will be cut up while still alive. Nor are taxpayers told that their dollars are funding these barbaric procedures. The Center for Medical Progress will send out their report and photos of rats with human hair (CMP, P.O. Box 5003, Sterling,VA 20167-9003), and the steps being taken to curb this “research,” to anyone who contacts them or Champaign County Right to Life.

Are we killing babies because the world is overpopulated? On December 6 this year, Elon Musk asked at the Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO Council for people to “please look at the numbers — if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble, mark my words” (USA Today, December 7).

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David George & Members

Champaign County Right to Life