Nursing homes are in need of a lifeline

As the Ohio Legislature configures the biennial budget, it is important that they support our state’s long-term care providers. Long-term care has provided for Ohio’s highest-risk population throughout the pandemic – constantly retraining staff and complying with ever-changing guidance. Nursing homes are in need of a lifeline.

The state budget determines annual funding for long-term care providers. Our ability to provide high-quality care and retain proficient staff relies on legislative support. True support means rebasing Medicaid at a rate that keeps up with inflation and restoring quality incentives for good nursing homes. Like the rest of the world, long-term facilities were faced with increased costs and economic instability. Our elected officials have a chance with this budget to provide stability to an industry essential to jobs across the state and to the elderly Ohioans we serve.

Graceworks Lutheran Services has made many sacrifices to protect the people we serve. We give our communities the best resources, the most dedicated staff, and the greatest experiences while making every dollar count. I’m asking the legislature to recognize the resilience of our staff and honor the residents who call our facility home by showing us true support.

Judy Budi

President & CEO

Graceworks Lutheran Services


Editor’s note: Messiah Community, a Graceworks long-term care community, is located at 848 East Court St. in Urbana.