Limbaugh story not fair

Matt Sedensky’s article on the death of Rush Limbaugh (Urbana Daily Citizen, Feb. 18, 2021) is more a reflection on the journalist than on Limbaugh. He had an audience of 15.5 million listeners weekly and was the greatest journalist in broadcasting history over the three decades of his radio career. He was modest enough to let his callers have their say without interruption and expressed his conviction very intelligently that secular liberalism could not make a nation great.

Sedensky claims that Limbaugh was malicious and insulting, but many will remember him for his wholehearted support for unborn life. AP, Sedensky’s employer, does not seem to realize that U.S. abortionists kill at the rate of 2,400 babies a day — for profit. But surely AP wants future readers? It might pay it to contemplate the fate of Toys ‘R’ Us, which donated to Planned Parenthood and then found it was short of customers. It folded. We hope the Urbana Daily Citizen will publish a fairer obituary article on Limbaugh very soon.


David George & Members

Champaign County Right to Life