Prayer has changed nations

Our country has been in an almost hopelessly deadlocked partisan battle for some time now. It’s causing our nation to stand still instead of moving forward.

Gun violence, drug use, broken families, racial tensions – all seem to lack solutions. But one source for solutions – the weekly meeting of Christian churches – is attended by only one-third of Americans.

Our nation was birthed out of our United States’ Motto – In God We Trust: One Nation Under God. Reality – not religion. God or the divine is mentioned at least once in each of the 50 state constitutions and nearly 200 times overall. Our founding fathers knew God to be their guiding foundation and truth for our country.

With that in mind, I believe our nation is not looking for a new political leader, but rather for God…a sweeping revival across our land to bring back a beacon of hope in a dark world.

Although I believe we are to pray for ALL of our leaders for wisdom and discernment, and an internal compass to know the distinction between right and wrong and good and evil, we also need to be praying in our churches with the body of believers.

To quote Janet Parshall, “If I didn’t believe our prayers could change our nation for the better, I’d stop praying. I read a Bible that tells me that prayer has changed nations over and over again, and I know that God has the heart of the king in His hand and He will turn it any which way He wants.” I believe that, too.

I encourage you to go back to church or start going to a church for the first time. A nation who has not turned its back on God will reap the benefits of a God who has not turned His back on it.

Lynn White