Local group responds to Boomer Blog

Shirley Scott’s blog on Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Urbana Daily Citizen. Sep. 23, 2020, pp. 6, 8) is all praise. She was “courageous, determined, principled.” However, she thought abortion was a reproductive right, but time has shown us that reproduction in the U.S. has fallen to an all-time low. In 2018 white births were 1.64 per couple; black, 1.79; Hispanic, 1.96. To sustain any society, three births at least are required because one child may not be able or want to reproduce.

Justice Ginsburg had no imagination, or maybe never watched a live abortion, We who have know that the infant in the womb tries to escape the scalpel when the abortionist starts to cut up its limbs, and now in some states the baby can be killed after birth, usually by strangulation.

The business is profitable — Planned Parenthood had in 2018 a total income of $1.63 billion, to which the government contributed $616.8 million (taxpayer money).

Nor is it on record that Justice Ginsburg ever looked up the history of Roe vs. Wade (1973). This may be found in Sue Ellen Browder’s Subverted (2015), which tells how when President Johnson died on Jan. 22, 1973, Congress went into recess but the Supreme Court did not. That same day the new law went into effect even though the Court is not permitted to make laws. They said abortion was in the Constitution under “privacy,” but it was not long before Planned Parenthood got the government to supply public money.

Those who love babies can go to Facebook and Champaign County Right to Life, where over a hundred delightful photos appear. Just vote “like” and four of those babies will get good cash prizes. We at Champaign County Right to Life thank all the generous donors who made this possible; we also affirm that each child is unique at conception and has all the basic human organs in undeveloped form. To abort an infant is undoubtedly to kill it.


David George & Members

Champaign County Right to Life