Johnson pleased that Cupp was named Ohio House Speaker

Given the political mess surrounding the previous Ohio Speaker Householder, it’s refreshing that one of the most respected public servants from our area of the state – Representative Robert Cupp – was chosen as his replacement.

Rep. Cupp served in the Ohio Senate prior to his tenure in the Ohio House representing Champaign County.

Representative Cupp was a primary supporter of Urbana and Champaign County receiving State Capital Grants that greatly assisted in the construction and opening of the Champaign Family YMCA.

Mary Lee Gecowets, then CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, and myself met with Senator Cupp concerning the need of families and children for a local YMCA.

Senator Cupp was in total agreement that the YMCA would benefit families in our area and agreed to request state capital grant funding for the project. Over the next four to six years he, along with Representative Jim Jordan, requested and secured nearly $2 million to go toward the building costs and also match a local fund-raising effort.

Clark State agreed to serve as fiscal oversight entity for the funding and we benefited then and now with our local YMCA.

Senator Cupp attended and spoke at the grand opening and stated the YMCA was one of his most rewarding outcomes of his Senate tenure.

Senator Cupp went on to serve Ohio as a Supreme Court Justice and currently as a State Representative. His ethics and commitment to the citizens of Ohio and Champaign County have been unwavering.

The Ohio House chose a leader who exemplifies ethics and civic duty: Robert Cupp.

Than Johnson