Urbana students seek help with history project

Social Studies students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade will be working on a Project Based Learning unit entitled “Lost Voices”. The goal of this project is to honor local historical figures that made an impact on our community, county, and beyond. This year’s project will focus on Dr. E.W.B Curry and the Curry Institute. Dr. Curry was an African American teacher and minister who opened the Curry Institute in Urbana after attempting to open similar Tuskegee style schools in Delaware and Mechanicsburg. The students will create a series of articles about Dr. Curry, his life, and his legacy. This research and articles will be used as the basis for creating an exhibit about the Curry Institute and Dr. Curry’s involvement in other social reform organizations like the Anti-Saloon League. Students will also research Dr. Curry’s local newspaper “The Informer”. Students will be working with the Champaign County Historical Society and the Delaware County Historical Society to showcase this incredible man. This is where we need help from the community. We are looking for descendants of students who attended the Curry Institute (School). Some sources state that over 2,000 young men and women attended the school during its existence. If you have any information about a family member that attended this school we would love to hear from you.

Please contact

Mrs. Sadie Steffan ([email protected])

Mrs. Amanda Goodwin ([email protected])

Mr. Jesse Blair ([email protected])