Acton’s departure questioned

The article “Ohio health director resigns” by Julie Smyth (Associated Press/Urbana Daily Citizen, Friday, June 12, pp. 1 and 3) emphasizes how House Republicans sought to restrict Amy Acton’s “aggressive stay-at-home orders.” She is said to have resigned as a result, but evidence has appeared that actually forced her to resign, as two articles missed by Julie Smyth reveal.

The first, by Beth Lear in The Ohio Star (Dec. 12, 2019), is titled “Notorious Abortionist Who Lost License Got It Back from DeWine-Appointed Department of Health Director.” Amy Acton provided Martin Haskell’s Kettering abortion clinic with a new license just days after he lost his right to remain open at the Ohio Supreme Court. The second, by Cheryl Sullenger on (June 11, 2020), is titled “Pro-Abortion Ohio Health Director Amy Acton Resigns After Massive Criticism.”

What happened is that Troy Newman’s Operation Rescue published an expose that included information on Amy Acton’s medical license application. She had lied about certain incidents when she was twelve years old. Her mother and her mother’s second husband successfully refuted these charges. Newman also revealed Amy Acton’s secret move to keep the Women’s Med Center in Kettering open by slightly altering its name.

Gov. DeWine had no option but to remove her from her post, a move that came just a week after Operation Rescue published its report.

It is saddening to all who support the right of infants to live to learn that in 2018 Haskell’s clinic killed 2,871 unborn babies for profit, and it has probably kept up that annual number since.


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