Sycamore House in Urbana can help

During this time of lockdown, many abortion clinics are closed. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs have therefore stepped up and tried to sell Mifepristone pills over the Internet so that pregnant women can self-abort. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that Mifepristone and similar abortifacients are too dangerous to be sold in U.S. pharmacies or on line, but a couple of opportunistic domains have evaded the law.

Chemical abortion drugs can have life-threatening complications, including intense pain, severe and heavy bleeding, and even death. Five to seven percent of women who use them will require follow-up surgery.

We at Champaign County Right to Life urge pregnant women who are unsure they want to carry the child to birth to seek help and counseling. For example, Sycamore House in Urbana can help (653-3737) and Champaign County RTL will also be glad to offer assistance (653-6745).


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