Reader: Coronavirus could surface here dramatically

The most recent Urbana City Council meeting Mayor Bean announced the cancellation of the fireworks and the popular chili cook-off. These are not easy decisions to make. In a time like this as people are tired of the “cooped up” and “locked down” feelings we are all experiencing, the Mayor is standing strong.

I was flabbergasted beyond belief when a council member spoke up and asked the City of Urbana Attorney “I’m just asking is there anything we can do in the city to set some of our own rules and standards?”

Sure councilman, we are a county of about 40,000, quoting you. We have had 1 death, yes someone lost a loved one; 25 people have or have had the Coronavirus in our county. You know why? Champaign County people are responsible, we adhere to advice.

Ask the City Attorney at the next council meeting if he will allow you to play Russian Roulette. The only thing illegal would be having a weapon on public property. However, it would be much safer than trying to combat the Coronavirus if all these gatherings took place as scheduled.

No one wants to be in this situation but you have to be honest with yourself, we are lucky. We are a tight-knit community of 40,000. I don’t mind sacrificing a festival, the cook-off so my fellow friends and family stay safe.

Just because the virus isn’t here, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be in a very dramatic fashion. Stay Safe.

Brad Zerkle

Mad River Twp.