Reader: Vitale’s use of word “globalist” is code

Ohio Representative and likeness of god Nino Vitale disagrees with Gov. DeWine’s management of an unprecedented public health crisis. The Governor is advised by Dr. Amy Acton. Vitale complains that Dr. Acton is a “globalist.” Incidentally, Dr. Acton is a jew. Not incidentally, ‘globalist’ is unsubtle code for ‘jew’ as employed by people who feel the need to use unsubtle code.

Either Vitale believes that Dr. Acton’s advice equates to advocacy for globalism (the free flow of ideas, people, and products unhindered by borders), or he thinks we need to know that Dr. Acton is a jew. This from someone whose contribution to crisis management is the inane conspiracy theory that Bill Gates might have created the virus. Vitale says he’s not saying Bill Gates is responsible for the virus. Right, and I’m not saying Vitale is a brainless twit, but you never know.

Robert Puglia