Open letter of thanks to the people of Mechanicsburg

To my most loyal customers, I cannot thank you enough for all of the support and trust that you have given me over the past 35 years of owning The Village Pharmacy. It has been my privilege and honor to serve you, your children, and even your grandchildren. I have watched so many families grow while weathering bad times and celebrating great moments through their life’s journeys. When you walked through our door as a customer, I hoped you always left knowing that you had a friend. Being part of the Mechanicsburg community for so long makes me appreciate all of the good-hearted people in this town. I will always treasure the friendships that I have made in “The Burg.”

My retirement is just a new chapter in my life as well as it is for the pharmacy. After a long search, I am leaving the pharmacy in very capable hands. Joe Craft and his wife, Robin, are both Mechanicsburg High School alumni, are both pharmacists, and have purchased the pharmacy. The village will continue to have a pharmacy, which was one of my retirement goals. Joe has two other similar pharmacies in Plain City and West Jefferson, as well as another one in an underserved area of Columbus. He is a very dedicated and caring person. He is deserving of your support and continuing loyalty to this longstanding local business. He will provide for the healthcare needs of you and your families.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful memories along with your trust and friendships over all of the years.

John C Canestraro, RPh