Urbana needs more than a campaign slogan

In “Serious Problems Facing Urbana” (Urbana Daily Citizen, Nov. 2, Supplement), we find no comparison with Springfield — our nearest neighbor with any sizeable population. It has a poverty rate of 25.6%, five percent higher than Urbana’s (20.5%). Moreover, of the 4,870 employed in Urbana, 12.5% are employed in Healthcare and Social Assistance (datausa.io/profile/geo/urbana-oh). This is because our town has two hospitals, three nursing homes, and four homes for the handicapped, and is an area center for these services. If we subtract all of these dependent people from the poverty percent, the poverty rate for able-bodied adults falls to around 21%. The charitable nature of these institutions, however, gives Urbana a special status among local towns and townships. Anyone tackling the “Serious Problems Facing Urbana” must therefore take into account this reality. Change comes slowly, and securing “a bright future for Urbana” will not be achieved by a slogan.

David George