Proud to be from Urbana, Ohio

Sharon Annabelle “Belle” Beaty’s funeral and celebration of life was held Friday, Oct. 25 at 1:30 p.m. At the close of the service our family and friends left Vernon Funeral Home for the drive to Fair View Cemetery in Mutual. At the funeral dinner following, the first comments made to one another were about the care and respect shown during the funeral procession.

This is what we noticed along the drive to the cemetery. Every member of the crew, working in the construction area by the Monument Square roundabout, removed their hats and stood holding them to their chest as we passed. Then as we drove by the library a gentleman across the road was cutting his grass. He removed his hat and stopped mowing the lawn waiting until we passed. Upon reaching the city limits the Urbana police officer leading the procession stopped and exited his car to stand respectfully watching us pass. Cars in the city and on the highway kindly stopped and pulled over paying respect as we drove by them. Only one man in a convertible on Scioto Street chose to continue driving. We agreed that one person didn’t deserve to tarnish our view of the community of Urbana, Ohio.

In today’s world of social media there is so much negativity, sadness, and suffering going viral. My cousin posted a message on FB sharing our gratitude for the respect our family was shown. I am writing this letter hoping many of the people who touched us with their respect will read this and know their actions made a difference. Thank you everyone. Although I no longer live in Urbana, I am proud to say I was born and raised in the great town of Urbana where the community cares for each other.


Pam Wheeler