Balloon Fest was a big success

Grimes Field was alive and bustling this past week-end as it welcomed visitors to the Balloon Fest – “A Hot Air Affair.” The balloons lit up the skies at dusk, creating a kaleidoscope of color and mesmerizing the crowd below.

Our appreciation goes out to the corporate sponsors who made it all possible, the restaurants who fed the pilots and supplied food for the contests, and the Grimes Flying Lab, The Champaign Aviation Museum, and the Airport Cafe for extending their hours to accommodate the visitors.

A special thank you to the Urbana Daily Citizen for their excellent coverage before and after the event and for providing the program book for the event. A sincere thank you to Lane Moon, Brenda Burns, and Carol Herring and the entire crew at the Citizen. A thank you, also, to the program booklet advertisers…we appreciate your support.

To the pilots, Tim Grissom, Trent Bishop, Chris Jessee, Dean Clodfelder, Jim Cusick, Mike Armstrong, Rick Cusick, and Dan Steely, many thanks for bringing this wonderful display of lights and color to Grimes Field – you truly made the event possible!

To our student volunteers of the Triad National Honor Society, Mr. Curtner and students from the Hi Point Aviation Satellite program, Mr. Mutters and the Triad High School Science Club, and Taylor Armstrong of Miami University, a special thank you for your help throughout the weekend. It is great to have the youth involved in community projects! Thanks, also, to volunteers Amanda McDaniel, Sara Neer, Rachel Casey, Adam Moore, Sharon and Brad Wallace, Mayor Bill Bean, Vicki D. Bunnell, Linda Monroe and Shirley Ferst for your help in making the event run smoothly.

To committee members, Audra Bean, Vince Gonzalez, Lois Monroe, Susie Koennecke, Sandy Gonzalez, Tim Grissom, Mary Collier, Mark Hall, and Dottie Landis, job well done! Thanks for making this a fun-filled, memorable weekend!

The Balloon Fest – “A Hot Air Affair” was the Second event sponsored by the Grimes Field Foundation and we look forward to presenting a balloon fest in 2020.

Elton Cultice

Event Chairman