Someone please help Urbana!

I have lived in Urbana most of my life and now work in a position to talk to a lot of local residents. We are wondering what happened to this town. Most of the stores are so-called antiques dealers. There are too few nice restaurants. We hear of businesses and professionals who want to open stores here but ultimately do not. Why is that?

The old Ponderosa on Scioto Street has sat empty and the parking lot is growing weeds and depreciating the value of properties nearby.

The city government needs to spend more time helping new businesses, filling and repairing empty business locations and cleaning up this town.

While buildings sit empty and decay, there isn’t enough here, few places to eat or shop and few reasons to visit Urbana.

Everyone would benefit from a healthy retail economy in Urbana. Look at Bellefontaine, where there are many new businesses, new sidewalks and the main part of town is very nice. Instead, Urbana seems to be trending toward a ghost town in some ways. Not enough people stop here and too many just commute through here to their next destination.

Someone please help Urbana!

Pam Haddix