Nothing changes at Graham

I woke up this morning to the report that Graham Local Schools’ levy efforts failed once again.

And I’ll tell you what, it hit me right then and there: That school district needs to hang a CLOSED sign on the front door of each of its buildings.

It just makes sense. To hear some folks tell it (teachers even!), the district doesn’t need any more money because administrators “don’t know how to spend it.” Well, why give them any money at all? Make them close up shop and give kids the freedom to go learn on their own.

Those that are old enough can go ahead and enter the work force, and those that are too young for that can do more chores around the house.

Citizens in Graham’s district who supported the levy would have you believe this is a changing world that’s different from the one they grew up in, that students need to learn new things in new ways in order to succeed it in our modern society. Nonsense. Nothing has changed around here since I was a kid. Just look at the way the Graham community continues to vote against its schools; it’s the same as it ever was.

Ben Guenther

St. Paris

Graham High School

Class of 1998