George refutes Marenburg again

What a surprise to see Jo Marenburg’s political letter in the October 29 Urbana Daily Citizen! True, Jim Jordan may have faults, but he is surely right to insist the Justice Department refrain from attacking the Administration. But contraception? In my June 12, 2018, letter to the Citizen, I quoted the Ohio Departments of Aging & Job Services: “In the next 22 years, ‘Ohio’s overall population is expected to grow by just 2 percent, while the 60+ population will grow by 40 percent.’” Well under 10% of childbearing women (ages 15-44) had children in 2015; the twin effects of abortion and contraception take their toll on the elderly, who need the support of young people. The intent of marriage is a loving union with children as gifts from God (Genesis 33:5). If Janet Garrett embraces abortion and contraception, she will lose much of the Christian vote and endanger the Democratic Party’s future.

David George