Master Gardeners help right a terrible wrong

Person Centered Services (PCS) is an agency that serves developmentally-disabled adults. Staff work hard daily to instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in our individuals. In turn, they teach us to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

We would like to tell you a story about the wonderful people of our community and how our individuals were taught first-hand about caring for others:

Due to the hard work of staff person April LeMasters, we were able to participate in the fair this summer by caring for the garden across from the rabbit barn. With the help of the 4-H Junior Rabbit and Cavy Council, we planted a garden that would produce food to be given to the homeless. Unfortunately someone vandalized the garden on the Monday before fair by pouring Roundup on all the plants. With heavy hearts we had to teach that sometimes in life bad things happen to good people; but we would persevere and replant next year.

Upon returning to the fairgrounds to take our banner down we discovered that our garden had been replanted with many beautiful flowers! We learned that Julia Robertson and her group of Master Gardeners worked their wonders and she told us NOT to take the banner down!

The Master Gardeners are an example of Champaign County people at their finest! We would like to thank them for lifting us up and being a shining example of what “giving back” is all about!

Cindy Anderson


Person Centered Services