Hess answers Puglia’s letter

This letter is a comment on the letter from Robert Puglia published Aug. 10 in the Urbana Daily Citizen:

There are 48 places of opportunity in Mexico through points of entry to obtain legal entry into the US and not risk separation as a family, yet when adults put children at risk by defying law and illegally enter the US it somehow becomes the American citizens’ fault that families are separated. It’s like someone entering your home through the bathroom window instead of knocking at the front door then blaming you when you call the police.

Encouraged by international activist groups who believe in open borders and migration rights (not immigration), the defiant illegal push against our border will continue until the wall is built, cities don’t provide sanctuary to criminals, and Congress fixes immigration loopholes as Trump has asked them to do. Current immigration law has been the same since President Clinton but ignored, yet Trump is being blamed for doing his job – enforcing federal law.

I will take Mr. Puglia at his word that he votes human decency and therefore wonder if he wrote in his own name on the ballot – or some else’s since not a single candidate, other than Trump, would consider defunding tax dollars to Planned Parenthood even though the others knew about the selling of infant body parts from abortions – lines being crossed here even for pro-choice people. Evil happens when the law is broken so some things have to be zero tolerance. Selling body parts is illegal, crossing borders without permission and putting children in danger is also illegal. Without law there is no society or human decency.

Garnett Hess