‘I voted for a fighter’

This letter is regarding a letter to the editor published July 27.

Considering our many individual freedoms – religion, speech, assembly, political choice, and opinion – I have to laugh at people who judge me as an evangelical for exercising my choice in voting for Trump.

Here’s the deal: I wasn’t voting for a church minister or deacon. I voted for a fighter who would stop the moral relativism taking over our society. I am no longer willing to vote for politicians who serve up baloney and call it steak – no longer willing to accept a “cause” in place of policy, or “image” over substance.

I am not willing to accept the lawlessness of the so-called “compassion” of sanctuary cities. It’s just another “cause” that allows illegal immigrant gangs to shelter against ICE, all the while ignoring drug and human trafficking (including children) happening at the border. Trump already has more than 81 accomplishments in less than two years. To name a few, I am thrilled our embassy is now in Jerusalem, there is no more foreign aid for abortions, and our NATO “friends” are finally paying their share.

Trump is doing what no career politician does – keeping his campaign promises. I’m fine with that.

Garnett Hess