Reader responds to Puglia’s letter

Mr. Robert Puglia’s response (Urbana Daily Citizen, July 23, p. 4) to Rep. Vitale’s interesting column (July 20) contains omissions. The “refugees” from Mexico and Central America, though they may be fleeing poverty, are first recruited by “coyote” agents, and have to raise considerable sums to get through Mexico and sneak over the U. S. border. All parties understand the illegality of the proceedings since all world countries have patrolled borders. As for the anti-Italian legislation of 1924, it was created to sift out Mafia members from mingling among the Italian immigrants. The Mafia, sometimes called “the Black Hand,” had started causing trouble, especially in Louisiana, in the late 19th century (Columbia Encyclopedia). Similarly, Mexican migrants, often illegal, include members of the infamous MS-13 gangs that terrorize New York City.

Trump a “lout”? The Oxford English Dictionary shows that “lout” applies to young males; later in life, they become “vulgarians.” But is vulgarity in high places any worse than craftiness in high places? We dislike both, but deception is more destructive.

Sincerely yours,

David George