More abortions will lead to fewer people

In the article “Lowest Birth Rate in 3 Decades Could Threaten Economy” (Urbana Daily Citizen, May 18, p. 4), it should read “Will Threaten.” The fact is that the U.S. abortion industry has destroyed over 61 million infants in the womb since 1973, when Roe v. Wade established abortion as a “Constitutional right.” That’s over one-sixth of the national population, and add to that the losses due to the widespread use of contraception. The result is that only six percent of women of child-bearing age are bringing children to birth. Of course “fewer people are buying homes, cars and other costly purchases,” and it also means that elderly people are often without family support. In Japan, which has a worse reproduction rate than the U.S., the elderly are often found dead in their apartments weeks after their deaths. In the U.S., those who remained silent in 1973 over the new Supreme Court law are now in their last years and often lament the fact that they are alone and unvisited. The answer is obvious: stop Congress and legislatures from shoveling federal and state money into abortion clinics, and reform the media. Oddly, the majority of the media support abortion, even though they must realize that their jobs will eventually diminish with fewer viewers and readers. For further information on how to stem the tide of abortion, e-mail Champaign County Right to Life (, call (653-6745), or check us out on Facebook.

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David George & members

Champaign County Right to Life