Be on the lookout …

This open letter is to inform people in Springfield about a person, Shonda L. Stewart, who may be living in your town. She is a thief and a liar. I did all I could for her. In less than a year I put new tires on her car and a battery in it. Gave her $2,500 cash. Put my car up for collateral so her one daughter could get a car. She contacted me at 12:30 a.m. looking for a place to stay. She had nothing but the clothes on her back. I took her and bought her almost $300 in clothes and gave her a place to stay. Gave her $1,000 to bail her other daughter out of jail. She told me she wanted to marry me, we even set a date for the middle of May this year, but needed $4,000 to pay off things. Her words were she needed this money for “us.” Like a fool, I gave her the money. After I did all this, two days after I gave her the $4,000, she left “our” home, taking things that belonged to my late mother and many other things that were not hers, over $6,000 worth of items. At this time the Highland County Sheriff’s Department is looking for her. If anyone knows her whereabouts please contact the Highland County Sheriff, Deputy Daniel Hopkins, (937) 393-1421.

James Simpson

Hillsboro, Ohio